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The After Eyewear Party just had their fourth event, this time in Seattle, which I attended for the first time. I have worked in private Optometry practices for over ten years and we’ve always tried to support the independents since they are what we are, independent. There’s rarely events in the Pacific Northwest, as they are always in Los Angeles, Vegas or New York. I was extremely excited that an independent eyewear show was having one of their prestigious events so close to me.

For quite some time I had admired these ‘cartoon’ looking glasses I’ve seen around online but I’ve never known who makes them. In photos they almost look drawn on the wearer. I was thrilled to see them at the Seattle Eyewear After Party Show! Another surprise was that the CEO of the US distributing company (Zowee-Wow) I have known for many years as a previous account rep of mine.

Roger Eye Design is a boutique eyewear company owned by designer Roger Hoppenbrouwers, in the Netherlands. Roger was a working Optician in Holland for well over 30 years before stepping out to work full time on his brand several years ago. With a background in art and design, he has designed eyewear for several notable European brands over the years. As an Optician, Roger saw a need for an eyewear line focused on petite and progressive-lens friendly frame sizes. He started Roger Eye Design in 2007 as a fun way to fill that niche.

With all of Roger’s experience as an Optician, even though he loves to play with unusual shapes, Roger knows what works on a face. So even though many of his shapes are unique, they come alive when worn. An easy and fashionable eyewear collection, with soft shapes, exciting colors, and high quality materials, the Roger line provides individual designs at an affordable price.  Roger is truly passionate about creating unique eyewear styles that make a statement and are fun to wear. Roger truly wants to provide extraordinary design at an affordable price. He doesn’t understand why someone should have to pay high prices to have fine design.

My favorite piece, the Cartoon Taco Zip:

[URIS id=9977]

The cartoon collection has a wide variety of shapes and colors:

Roger Eye Design, Cartoon collectie
Roger Eye Design, Cartoon Janno C3-Edit
Roger Eye Design, Cartoon Sammy C3
Roger Eye Design, Cartoon Pedro C2

Another stunning frame, the Andras

[URIS id=9987]

These pictures don’t do the frames justice – find these frames somewhere near you and try them on, they come alive on a face. You won’t be able to pass one up!

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