Naoned: creative, colorful and contemporary

Sophia is wearing the “Baen-Ballon”, a very iconic, simple yet bold design by Naoned which they handcrafted in their French workshop. Colors play a leading role in the final look of the frame. This opaline red with this vintage orange is one color combination of their exclusive range they have created with Mazzucchelli.


The bicolor system is part of the Naoned DNA. They use the double extrusion technique to have a bicolor material, or work with layered acetate to let show the back color on the temples. The superimposed effect of acetate is very faithful to the codes of the brand: creative, colorful and contemporary.


Naoned’s (Nantes in Breton) founder “Jean-Philippe Douis” knew the creative path he wanted to take. Being a passionate eyewear designer, he chose to dream about his frame designs before actually drawing and handcrafting them on the soil of Nantes, his land of inspiration. And he secretly added a little but of his own JP personality in each of his models.

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Singular in the soul without being eccentric, Naoned frames are designed to reveal those who wear them. Not just slaves of fashion: but those who listen to their desires and want to express their style. Acetate and metal in bright colors, harmonious chromatic harmonies, lines blending classicism and modernity … Naoned has the attention to detail and the taste of work well done.

Offering a refined collection, the Breton house is proud to anchor its achievements in an identity aesthetic but timeless. Rich in the human closeness she has with the followers of authentic objects, Naoned shapes her glasses with love. An added value that makes all the salt of this brand that will seduce the most demanding.

Shooting: TEFdoesNYC
Eyewear: baeanballon-11 by Naoned
Models: Sophia, optometrist and eyewear blogger at The Monocle Muse

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