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Style diversity, exploring new perspectives. A black veil, tossed by the wind, amid the white dunes of a barren, almost ultra-terrestrial, landscape. This is the first image one sees on the new Blackfin website.

Consistent with the transformative journey that permeates every aspect of the company – products, ad campaigns, stands – the website now is also a reflection of the techno glamour features that are the stage upon which the Blackfin milestone plays out, Year Three of the Third Phase.


The Natural Awareness seasonal campaign provides the perfect tools to approach the public through an online platform because the images seem to speak a language of their own, unwritten, distinctly symbolic; they enunciate a declaration of awareness and authenticity: an evolution that is a condition and not a choice.


Located on the home page are the brand’s three main pillars: NEOMADEINITALY, a confluence of the company’s DNA, history and approach to corporate citizenship as a fundamental part of the business; CREDO, narrating the more dreamlike essence of the brand’s doctrine; and, TITANIUM, the technical treatise of Blackfin, tied to the material, expressed in an interplay of light and shadow, a veiled suggestion of how talent and dedication to the product are encapsulated in that cold element.

The collection is presented in an orderly fashion and divided into categories and styles. Information, like the positioning of the shops and the area dedicated to the media, is immediately accessible. Users can also create a wish list of their favorite products, download it in .pdf format to their smartphones and send it to their friends or optician.

Check out their brand new website at

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