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Today, Sophia is wearing model JF2832 from the Double Jeu collection of JF ReyThis model is hiding two different stainless steel frames overlayed on each other, which contrasted shapes and playfull colour contrasts create a visual shift.


The concept « DOUBLE JEU » stands out for the expressive and distinctive character of the models, an innovative design based on a high degree of creative freedom and a unique color signature that places the emphasis on a special metal frame coloring technique.


Entirely dedicated to women, the model JF2832 plays with duality and creative work in volumes, contrasts and the superimposed effect of metals, styles and personal colors. Perfectly crafted from top graded material, the model focuses on a high technically metal overlay: two extremely thin and lightweight metal faces are hidden behind the frame, relying on a precisely engineering. Superimposed one on the other, with a thoughtful and perfectly controlled positioning, they give the illusion of one and the same frame. The result is extremely captivating! The graphic visual effect is enhanced by the original cut of Nylor lenses and the bi-coloring work, harmonious and completely done by hand. Playing graphic duality, the design puts on strong contrasts that highlight the minimalist and contemporary style of the model. The aerial structure of this butterfly shape set a flawless and appealing silhouette. Jean-François Rey achieves here an innovative interpretation of the metal glasses and confirms his endless inventiveness.

[URIS id=9517]

Graphic, creative, colorful and contemporary. These are the words that immediately come to mind when we discover the new pieces designed by Jean-François Rey. On this occasion, the designer launches his new communication campaign, JF Rey DOUBLE JEU, directly inspired by the theme of the new line, and more particularly the DOUBLE JEU concept.

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