Liebeskind – Goodbye winter!

Slowly it becomes official and we can say „goodbye“ to the winter. Fine by me, cause it means spring is coming, the sun is shining and sunglasses have to be used. It was still a bit cold at this shooting for the current metal Liebeskind sunglasses that you see on the photos.


The glasses are very feminine and peppy. Nevertheless, the frame does not seem over the top. The frame is in rose gold with silvery straps. Quite sophisticated, this double frame. I like it. What about you?

[URIS id=9529]

Eyewear: Model 10707 by Liebeskind
Model: Jennifer Bitsche
Eyewear Blog:

Author: Jennifer BitscheJennifer Bitsche runs the Eyewear Concept Store Hingucker and writes for her own blog called Faceprint, her creative path, and visual space to bring you closer to the eyewear industry. In the background of this industry, so many exciting things happen that she wants to tell you about. Glasses are not only a nice accessory but also a strong statement. In 2016, she started her eyewear blog. Quickly this has turned out to be a great passion. Today she writes about current trends, new labels and other things related to eyewear, always with a focus on fashion & lifestyle.

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