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The story of Morel is above all one of a spectacles makers’ family who has been imagining and designing eyewear since 1880. It embodies a true French success story, mainly thanks to the passionate pioneering spirit of the Morel family. Currently, Morel is best known for its history rooted in the Jura – the birthplace of French spectacle-making, and its collections. Without renouncing its origins or singularity, Morel has decided to overhaul its brand identity. A daring change focused around its core values – creativity, independence and international outlook.


[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Francis Jerome and Amelie Morel” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”15″]”The field within which we grow is constantly evolving. These changes forced us to take a step back and look at our positioning as a company. We’re striving to live up to Morel’s legacy, capitalizing on core values: creativity, independence, dynamism and our closely bound relationships with our partners. Our ambition for years to come is crystal clear : it’s for Morel to become the international brand of reference for french eyeglasses. To achieve this goal, we’re working with a tight network of distributors around the world, as close to the opticians as possible.”[/perfectpullquote]


A new identity means new graphic codes, and Morel is asserting itself with an inviting fashionable campaign. A thrilling journey making creativity and dynamism the brand’s universal message. Creative eyewear Morel plays with materials, techniques, colors, and assemblies. All-round creativity made possible by the very organization of Morel – it houses the largest eyewear design center in France. Independence Far from market pressures, Morel has always been able to impose its atypical vision of eyewear. Morel creates, innovates, and experiments free from constraints and barriers. And has been doing so since 1880. Cosmopolitanism Morel built a solid network of passionate distributors all over the world, beginning in the 1950’s. Today, the French brand is adopted in over 90 countries and has around ten subsidiaries.


The 1880 collection redesigns and modernizes iconic Morel models. Both stylish and elegant, these glasses have all the qualities of an authentic eyewear manufacturer’s frame: quality materials, exquisite detail and sophisticated workmanship.

60054M TP10
60053M TD08


The Öga collection is inspired by Scandinavian design, particularly the concept of functionality. Between their mysterious construction and architectural lines, the sunglasses and eyewear in the Öga collection leave nothing to chance!

10098O MG02
10101O GR11
MOREL Oga 10099O


Women have their own collection of optical glasses and sunglasses: Koali. For this collection, Morel has created frames that are both colorful and sophisticated. They reveal a perfectly mastered creativity tempered with elegance.

20048K MP08


Always on the lookout for the latest innovations, Morel delights in surprises, designing glasses that are astonishing and comfortable with cutting-edge designs. This spirit is particularly apparent in its Lightec collection: pure concentrated technology!

30089L PN12
30107L GB12
MOREL Lightec 30092L 30101L


With the Nomad collection, Morel explores the four corners of the earth looking for ideas, colors and inspiration. The bold frames in this collection fearlessly combine smart design with playful style.

40043N MP06
40069N TM18

Check out their great frames at their Mido stand in hall 4, booth C19 C23 D26!

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