JF Rey // SHELL: new eye-catching models for OPTI 2020 !

The Shell collection by JF Rey has been extended with new appealing optical shapes, preserving the spirit of innovation and creative freedom of the brand. The design is imagined around the idea of offset projection of the front in a perspective that subtly suggests the theme of shells. The extreme fineness of the models is unveiled with a distinctive combination of sophisticated gold and fresh colors -subtly applied by hand- that underline the front of the frames

[URIS id=18161]

The three new models in distinctive octagonal or large squared shapes, are crafted from the finest quality of stainless steel, stand out for their extreme fineness and clean design and beautiful aerial golden finish. 


The combination of their thin metal front and geometric lines create a contrast of shape and color in a very distinctive graphic spirt. The result is a minimalist silhouette that redraws and structures the front, while its architectural construction highlights the lightness of its design.

[URIS id=18168]

New vibrant eyewear styles that bring personality and character! Be sure to check these new styles out for yourself, at their opti booth C2 YES / 223

Advertorial: JF Rey Shell

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