100% Optical is set to offer the biggest and boldest eyewear line-up yet, with 25 per cent more frames on display and the hottest 2019 launches making catwalk debuts.

Taking place between 12-14 January at ExCel London, 100% Optical is firmly the UK’s number one destination to spot the latest in eyewear design from around the world.

Round-up of eyewear launches

Dunhelm Optical

Dunelm Optical is launching its new and visually stunning Freya collection for the first time in the UK at 100% Optical. The Scandinavian artist inspired brand has already received huge amounts of positive and complimentary feedback from independent opticians up and down the country and Dunelm are excited to have the full collection on display at 100% Optical.

It is also celebrating its 50th anniversary at 100% Optical with complimentary birthday treats and acclaimed fashion designer Paul Costelloe will be on the stand on Sunday to meet customers and impart his fashion knowledge and inspiration behind his eyewear collection.

Bondeye Optical

ROAV eyewear is the world’s thinnest folding frame and is available exclusively to Bondeye Optical in the UK, who will be showcasing it at 100% Optical.

Born from a kickstarter company in late 2017, ROAV is now distributed in a phenomenal 30 countries already with Bondeye holding the UK license.  This unique product folds as thin as a smart phone and weighs just 15 grams and features screwless technology.

Pure Optics

Pure Optics Ltd. will be exhibiting Polaris rimless eyewear, Staffan Preutz Design and MonkeyGlasses brands at 100% Optical 2019.
Polaris rimless eyewear’s international launch of the new A11 bespoke collection. Luxury rimless eyewear combined with exquisite lens craft and the ability to personalise. Swedish Design – Handcrafted in the UK.

Staffan Preutz

Staffan Preutz Design (SPD) bespoke frames, launch of the new rim collection. Innovative, lightweight and made to measure in the UK from the highest quality materials. New, reduced pricing structure for all UK independent opticians.

MonkeyGlasses launch new sustainable Danish designs for 2019. ‘Look good, whilst doing good’ with the environmentally friendly frames made from materials such as biodegradable cotton acetate and recycled stainless steel.

Booth & Bruce

Booth & Bruce will launch its new Spring Summer 2019 collection at 100% Optical, including five new optical models, and six new sunglasses styles.

Sun by Booth & Bruce – S/S 2019: In true Booth & Bruce style, its sunglasses are taking inspiration from characters imagined by its director and lead designer Peter Sunderland. The models in this collection include the likes of Suave, Vagabond and Idol…And the starlet of this year’s collection – FLORIDA! – An early 80s inspired ultra feminine, flash back!

Booth & Bruce Optical range – S/S 2019: In this collection there will be geometric frames, inspired by the beautiful hexagon shapes found throughout nature and on the latest catwalks, and an extraordinary placement of a supra cord detail.

Bird Sunglasses

Award-winning sustainable eyewear company Bird will be showcasing its range of prescription-ready frames at 100% Optical. Bird join natural materials such as beech and bamboo, with aluminium and cotton-based acetate, to create high quality sustainable frames, expertly finished.

Their unique frames can be fitted with almost any lenses though their network of glazing houses and every pair sold brings clean light to remote communities in Africa through their partnership with SolarAid. Combined with cool, clean brand design and imagery, this exciting new company is meeting demand for premium, socially conscious products that look good and do good.

LARA D’ – retró garde collection

THE STEEL LINE collection by Lara D’ brings together creativity and quality. It puts steel under a new light with the result being a nearly weightless frame.

The collection draws inspiration from vintage fashion, while making it new and modern with clean lines. Colour is a main feature with this collection using two different colours, both between inside and outside or between the upper and lower part of the frontal frame. Colours are matched in new and intense combinations to highlight the wearer’s originality.


Safarro is launching FIRENZE at 100% Optical. The strong linear rhythm of this frame, in controlled measured proportions, flows in harmonised balance. The liberated shape and nonconventional lines provide an exquisite balance.
FIRENZE is a distinctive design, which gives tribute to the land that inspires the brand. It’s cultured and sophisticated design makes it an outstanding representative of timeless form with a modern touch.
Inspired by the geometric designs and architecture of ancient Florence, a city steeped in engineering masterpieces, with colours that transmit reflections of stone and metal.

William Morris – Moleskine

William Morris is introducing an essential new eyewear collection by Moleskine, a natural addition to the Moleskine ecosystem of analogue and digital tools that support everyday life on the move. William Morris are the official distributor for the UK market and the collection includes reading glasses, optical frames and sunglasses, all with a clean yet distinctive design.

The glasses are both naturally elegant and innovative, as well as functional and extremely lightweight. Ultra-thin and ultra-light with uniquely designed temples and hinges and manufactured in the finest materials available, the Eyewear Collection speaks to the ethos of the Moleskine brand and its timeless and distinctive spirit.

Kristian Olsen is exhibiting for the first time in the UK at the 100% Optical show. Building on a history of over 20 years in eyewear, it brings inspired trends from around the world, into high quality beauty for the eyes. Kristian Olsen helps opticians deliver uniqueness and flare into a patient’s eyewear choice. Whilst at the same time being highly accessible, with extremely keen pricing and exceptional customer service.

Francis Klein Paris

Francis Klein Paris is showcasing its range of eyewear designed for elegant and exceptional people. The collection is full of sparkles, shapes and colour.

Every frame is customisable, you can choose the colour of your frame, the colour of your Swarovski strass and the design of the embellishment.

Andy Wolf Eyewear

Andy Wolf Eyewear will present the new campaign for the minimalist WHITE HEAT design collection at 100% Optical. It is called “Modern Retro” and has a touch of nostalgia.
The models from the iconic WHITE HEAT range stand for the skilful fusion of an acetate nose bridge and fine metal frame. The symbiosis of these highly contrasting materials is reflected in the campaign: nature and technology subtly come together in the form of gemstones and old CRT televisions. CRT televisions are the symbol for “technology”. Compared to other technical equipment they are timeless and have a “raw” touch.

As with the design study on WHITE HEAT too, the divergence of materials can only be overcome by balanced proportions. The images are given a finishing touch with a special effect that reminds us of the old screen test display.


Extending their partnership with British icon of luxury, Land Rover, award-winning eyewear manufacturer, Eyespace, will exclusively unveil the much-anticipated designer collection of men’s sunglasses under the Range Rover license during 100% Optical 2019.
Trend-led, Range Rover Eyewear has been carefully curated to combine directional British fashion with supreme Japanese craftsmanship.

Reflecting the calibre that today’s trend-setting style connoisseurs appreciate from luxury eyewear, the premiere sunglass collection has been developed in extremely close collaboration with Range Rover’s global design team, ensuring the brand’s peerless, sophisticated aesthetics translate perfectly to this collection of 15 superior pieces. Setting new standards in designer prescription sunwear, highlights of the all-polarised offering include super-light 100% pure Japanese titanium, bespoke cast components, tailored world-class hinges and signature brand iconography, which seamlessly integrate with next-generation NXT polarised (UV400) lenses, echoing Range Rover’s emphasis on pioneering design and technological advancement.

Round-up of lenses launches

Shamir lenses

Shamir is set to launch an exclusive coating at 100% Optical, designed and developed to combat the daily dangers and strain our eyes face, that spectacle wearers are largely unaware of.
It reveals that making just this one small change to your spectacles can enhance healthy vision now and into the future and it will reveal all at the show with experts on hand to answer any questions and provide insight into all of the products and services.

Whilst 2019 will see some new adventures for Shamir, it also continues to do what it does well and will be exhibiting a range of quality lenses and coatings that remain up to standard due to the expertise and research & development that goes into each and every product.


Essilor is launching a complete new Eyezen range of lenses for single vision consumers to ease the strain of their demanding digital lifestyles.
They are optimised lenses for people spending hours on multiple devices which demand different postures and higher eye declination when using a tablet or smartphone and new distances of use.
They cater for the 18 to 50 year olds whose digital habits force them to focus more intensively and repeatedly to adjust to close and variable distances with frequent switching between devices and increasingly smaller and pixelated typefaces.

Tokay UK

Tokai UK offers a unique range of “true differential” custom made lenses and coatings to the UK independent market. It has crafted a niche allowing its lens partners to enhance what they currently do in practice and provide a further option of truly beautiful bespoke lens wear.

Key products and service launches for 100% Optical:

  • 176 index: 1.76 is currently the thinnest organic spectacle lens in the world! With transitions availability and up to 85% ABS tinting!
  • Both single vision and varifocal designs available, including 1.76 single vision stock.
  • Aspheric and Bi-Aspheric designs available for a thinner, more optically advanced design.
  • Lutina lens material now available from index 1.50 to 1.76 and also in Photochromic: Lutina is not a coating, but a lens material which helps to protect the wearer from the deterioration of Lutein within the macula, helping to prevent against eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD).
  • Lutina & Wolf cub Childrens package: The Lutina Wolf cub/Teen package is a first for the UK. It is available to children up to the age of 16. In the package you receive a wolf cub / teen frame and either a 1.50 or 1.60AS stock lens plus glazing and postage and packing. Or 40% off any Tokai rx lens plus the cost of the frame.

About 100% Optical & Media10

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