AirArt // Legend 2018 series

At Silmo, the French luxury brand AirArt showed their newest collection, which is experimenting with design and stretching the boundaries of the imagination is key to the development of the industry.

It is a French luxury brand for men that draws inspiration from the rules and principles of a plane’s flight. In the pursuit of the world’s most ergonomic design, AirArt uses counterweights on the temples and tips to offset the weight of a prescription lens, which it says can be up to four times heavier than demo lenses, distorting a frame’s balance and leaving the wearer uncomfortable.

In addition, a heavier lens causes the frame to slide down the face, meaning the pupil is not aligned with the optical centre of the lens.

A ‘smart integrated technology’, which sees precise ‘mobile masses’ set longitudinally on each temple, means an optician can adjust the design of the frame so as to maintain longitudinal and lateral balance depending on the weight of a persons’ prescription lens.

In terms of design aesthetics, the Legend 2018 series is made from stainless steel and is handcrafted and assembled in France, Italy and Switzerland. Italian acetate frame fronts, temple tips and silicone nose pads add comfort.

AirArt Eyewear LA Series

The LA series has off-square frame fronts that come in six different shapes, each with their own three distinct colours, and weigh 20g.

Meanwhile, the LC series displays a rounder, panto inspired frame. It also comes in three shapes, with three accompanying colours for each.

AirArt Eyewear
AirArt Eyewear LM Series

However, a limited-edition sun SKU with platinum is available. The LM series draws on the classic aviator design, with bigger frames and the iconic top bar. It has nine SKUs. AirArt carries about 70% of prescriptions of the market.

Read more on AirArt at TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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