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Today I am wearing “Mystique” by Capo Eyes, which were designed to honour the nerd that ends up on the wrong side of the law. The designers at Capo are huge fans of superhero-movies, and therefore honour supervillains in their line of glasses as well. In this case, they drew inspiration from the character Mystique of the Marvel comics. These glasses are made of a broad acetate front, with a metal middle piece and make you look stylish, even when the police is on your tail.

“Never use your power against another mutant.” – X-Men


Be a capo di tutti capi, a consigliere, or a capo bastone yourself, with the glasses of Capo Eyes. Designed for the “in between sizes”, these glasses are made for teenagers and young adults, but are also very attractive to an adult needing a tad smaller frame. Capo Eyes finds its inspiration in the international and underground world of crime. Because you can always look stylish, even when the police is on your tail.

Mystique, born as Raven Darkholme, is a Beta level mutant and a known assassin. As suspect in several disappearances and possible murders, as well as theft, this individual should – once apprehended – never be left without handcuffs or unguarded. As Mystique is able to alter her appearance to any person she wishes to copy, and is adept at several martial arts, she is extremely dangerous. She is known to have some empathy and to show strong compassion towards her allies but she can be extremely ruthless to those she sees as a threat. Because of her unique abilities, and her knowledge of 14 different languages Mystique is completely undetectable once she has decided to go off the radar. When encountering this assassin, we recommend you run as quickly as possible.


Capo Eyes, located in the thriving city of Amsterdam, is the cloaked mastermind behind the looks of internationally hunted criminals such as hacker Johnny the Geek, a private surgeon who prefers to stay anonymous, and several crooked diplomats. Our friends at Capo make sure these people look their best when they have their day in court, or when they run their criminal empires. Capo Eyes designs glasses for everyone who needs glasses in an “in between size”, everyone who wants to wear glasses that are never boring. The brand is part of the company More Eyewear, which is located in the Amsterdam Area. For more information, check their website.

Shooting: TEFdoesAMSTERDAM
Eyewear: Model Mystique by Capo Eyes
Models: Maarten Weidema, TEF Magazine
Photographer: Jeroen Zorgdrager Fotografie

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