Kata – The manifestation of art and movement

Being a karateka myself (a while ago), the name KATA and the link to Art and Movement was immediately clear. But how do you integrate that concept with eyewear design? We shall all have to wait until Vision Expo West to find out, where Match Eyewear will launch the brand new KATA Eyewear collection, bringing a new vision to eyewear style.


As a scoop for TEF Magazine, Sophia is wearing their model DOJO in the color Midnight, a simple yet sophisticated Clubmaster frame, with ornamented bridge and crystal decorated temples. The acetate brows also come in ash, coal and tortoise.


About the KATA concept:

At its core, KATA, a choreographed pattern of masterful movements used in the martial arts, is striking in pose and precision. Each movement a reflection of expression in measure. A mysterious form of self-discipline, upholding perfect form in shape and flow.  Taking inspiration from the Japanese practice of Karate, KATA Eyewear collection is the manifestation of art and movement in eyewear design. The launch collection of KATA Eyewear brings a new vision to eyewear, unlocking new techniques in fluidity and style.

Shooting: TEFdoesNYC
Eyewear: KATA Eyewear
Models: Sophia, optometrist and eyewear blogger at The Monocle Muse

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