Prodesign – breaks with nordic colors & brings on color galore!

The Danish eyewear brand ProDesign Denmark breaks with the traditional Nordic color scheme and introduces a new colorful collection that will frame your eyes beautifully.

ProDesign Denmark has more than 40 years of experience in creating beautiful eyewear with a clean-cut Scandinavian look. When designing new frames, they focus on keeping a close-knit relationship between functionality and visual expression while staying true to their Danish heritage.

This season the Eyewear Architects behind the eyewear brand have been inspired by the dynamic colors of the fashion industry and turned up the volume of their colors.

“We have noticed a shift in colors within the fashion industry,” explains Marie Louise Japhetson, Eyewear Architect at ProDesign Denmark and elaborates “Fashion designers are embracing a more vibrant color palette, which we see on the catwalks all over the world.”

“Today, everyone expresses themselves through color. From the moment you pick out your outfit in the morning, to the shade of your lipstick or accessory you put on. The same should be said about eyewear.”

“The right color will highlight the beauty of the eyes and really give you a fresh look; so, it is important to choose the right color,” explains Marie Louise Japhetson, “Just like clothes your frames do not have to be neutral – they can be expressive, stand out and most importantly, they should support your personality.”

“Our 2018 fall collection is filled with vivid colors, high saturation and elegant contrast,” says Martin Jespersen, Eyewear Architect at ProDesign Denmark and continues: “However, to ensure that the colors would not be overpowering we have kept the designs minimalistic and let the colors do the talking.”

Models 1700 & 3603

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The 1700 model is the all-time bestselling shape from ProDesign Denmark. In fact, it is so popular that they have decided to add additional colors for the original 1700 model as well as design a new slightly larger shape called 3603.

“The 1700 model has been our most popular shape for several seasons now” comments Martin Jespersen, Eyewear Architect at ProDesign Denmark and continues: “That is why we are updating it with new colors and shapes hereby making it accessible for even more beautiful people.”

The popular design consists of three thin layers of different colored acetate, which is clearly visible at the end-piece and at the end-tips. The front colors are calm, while the two other layers add a pop of color to the design.

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