TEF Artisan Area – bob Sdrunk

This years TEF Artisan Area will be a lot more exclusive then previous editions, with only 3 unique eyewear brands on display. Still devided into two sections, with Gin in Berlin for extravagent or technical eyewear collections and Cherry in Paris for romantical designer frames.

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All on its own in the Gin in Berlin section, is a brand that looks at the future with the eyes of the past!

bob sdrunk is an italian lifestyle eyewear brand which was founded by a team of expert opticians. This brand stands out in the market with a competitive product concept that no one has ever made before.

Model “Floral”
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Their meticulous research of design, shapes, materials and the attention of each single detail are the result of a high quality, original and uncommon eyewear. Bob wants to create something that never existed that finds its identity in the future whereas its origins and the inspirations come from the past.

Model “Lucius”
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bob sdrunk’s goal is to create high quality eyewear that improves the identity of the person who wears the spectacles. the models proposed are always different and each one of them inspires a personality and a way of being. there is an essential idea that drives all the brand actions: avoiding the obvious and being out of the ordinary. this is the reason why bob wants to be hypnotic and let you live new aesthetic experience.

Model “Olga”
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Who is bob sdrunk? bob sdrunk is you. #nicetohypnotizeyou. 
Date to be Bold and visit the TEF Artisan Area during Bold Optical Fair on the 9th and 10th of September in Nijkerk, The Neterlands (30 minutes from Amsterdam).

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