Barberini Eyewear – Magellano

Amy is wearing model Magellano, by Barberini Eyewear, in an on-trend ton-sur-ton styling. Its pink acetate with golden accents match perfectly with its mirror pink quartz gradient gold lens. Naturally Barberini doesnt use plastic lenses but glass, a noble and refined material, as the passing of time cannot scratch it and it is endowed with a charm that plastic does not possess at all.

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Barberini Eyewear are the glasses of the beholder, not of those who just want to be looked at. The glasses of those who do not want to miss the spectacle of the world, of those who face every situation to the end, without compromise, like a spectator who is dragged into a picture or a stage to become a protagonist: a Spect- Actor.

Amy wears model Magellano in pink, rose gold and mirror pink quartz gradient gold lenses
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This frame is available in several different colors:
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The Barberini Vision

Based on Barberini’s tradition and know-how, glass lenses are the focus of their eyewear’s project. The aim is to provide an eyewear collection that offers the best quality, protection and visual accuracy in the world, by applying the technological innovations developed by the head office and pursuing the same quality standards in every detail and constructive element.

Glass lenses

Optical glass is the material that provides the best vision possible, thanks to the geometric perfection of the lens and its crystalline purity. The dimensional stability and the high resistance to abrasion maintain these characteristics unaltered over time. Barberini’s Research and Technological Development have further improved the performance of glass lenses also overcoming the traditional limits of weight and resistance, thanks to the reduced thickness and the hardening methods.

Shooting: TEFdoesLA
Eyewear: Magellano by Barberini Eyewear
Model: Amy Roiland of aFashionNerd

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