ic! berlin – 3d printed Urban collection

The best advice for anyone coming to Berlin is to look up. At street level the city is busy and messy; look up, and you will see Berlin for what it really is: a beautiful mishmash of old and new. Look up, and you will see awe-inspiring architecture. Look up, and you will see patterns and textures. Look up, and see the beauty in the details.
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For Berliners old and new summer is the perfect time to (re) discover the city they thought they knew. Long days and even longer nights compel you outdoors and a hazy summer sun shines new light on familiar surroundings: where you once saw buildings you now see bricks and mortar. Where you once saw repetitive geometry you now see a glorious melody. Skyscrapers dance. Architecture sings. The details take the spotlight.
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ic! berlin urban is 3d-printed eyewear inspired by summer in the city. Discover the collection at www.ic-berlin.de

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