Complete rebranding for FYSH

Confidence has no competition, individuality is an expression and style is the personal signature! FYSH (formerly known as FYSH UK), the international eyewear & sunwear brand that creates innovative styles, is revealing its new branding!

FYSH is designed for the strong, ambitious, game changing women who embrace individual style. Combining the latest runway looks with the color trends of the season, FYSH eyewear features a vast array of bold colors, intricate patterns, unique constructions and shapes. In breaking the creativity mould, FYSH eyewear is introducing the stylistic “Y” emblem into the branding, found in the FYSH logo. The emblem will be used in various ways from displays to social & digital media. The “Y” emblem will be featured as an overlay on images to create a minimalistic brand effect along with a focal point on the imagery. It will be accompanied on all Instagram stories.


The new look for the FYSH Instagram will launch on July 10th, 2018. It will portray the full vision of the brand & the women who wear FYSH eyewear. It is an empowering, global online community for dedicated women making every moment count.

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