Spectotes- Handmade eyewear lanyards

For Nuria​, eyewear is just as much an accessory as it is a necessity, especially in sunlit Madrid. And what better way to keep your frame close then by combining it with the beautiful lanyards from SpecTotes, made out of natural stone, high quality metal and Mazzucchelli acetate.

Irene Burgdorf and Bev Early are two seasoned Opticians nearing retirement, with friends all over the globe. They offer handmade fashion eyeglass lanyards exclusively through professional dispensers of eyewear. Their goal is to provide an affordable fashion accessory to enhance eyewear wearer’s experience. They are handmade, using durable materials as washable microfiber cord, natural stone and Mazzuucchelli acetate.

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Shooting: TEFdoesMADRID
Eyewear: SpecTotes
Model: Nuria Gomez of La Espejuelos
Photographer: Miguel Mazon Varela

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