BambookaUK frames are made of a species of giant bamboo that grows so fast, its carbon dioxide absorption far out performs wood, plus they don’t have to deplete the rain forest! The proceeds from the Bambooka sales go to People Empowered Preserved Earth (PEPE), who help people identify and meet their own needs. This is done by supporting and teaching basic life skills, permaculture, hygiene etc, but also by supporting a small school, to give children a better start in life.

Not just eco, but also charitable and even fashionable, following the latest trends with this slim cat eye design named after soul singer Carleen Andereson. Not only is Carleen a wonderful musician, she is also a beautiful person, who enthusiastically supports Bambooka and Pepe in their efforts to support people in Africa. A funky pair of sunglasses for people who want to be noticed! Fitted with polarized lenses and and unique hinge of a remarkable quality!

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