KBL Eyewear

Just like TEF takes you on a trip around the world in our monthly lifestyle shoots, KBL Eyewear has a strong passion and lust for traveling. They are a dedicated call to action for people to be more curious and accepting of the variety of cultures around the world. Each of their frames is inspired on a city or location somewhere in the world and named after a neighborhood, architecture, art piece or feature unique to that area. Their own photo-shoots are done by local photographers who know the hidden secrets, the heart, the soul, of the location. This way, people can be more curious towards the given location than just the basic tourist places that everyone knows about.

At todays Berlin shoot, Sarah is wearing their “Champs Elysees” glasses from their Paris collection. They are a feminine cat eyed combination sunglasses inspired by the famous shopping street in Paris. The elegance and high end feeling that their designers have given to the glasses reflect the wonderful prestige of the Parisian Elysian Fields. These elegant glasses clashed with Sarah’s gorgeous rock n roll body art and personality has created a beautiful contrast that works in every way imaginable.


Shooting: TEFdoesBERLIN
Eyewear: METRONOME-Eyewear
Model: Sarah Settgast
Photographer: Tante Anke

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