Bevel Specs

Kicking of for TEFdoesLONDON is the NY designed brand Bevel​. Siu-Yin​ is wearing one of their Asian-fit Titan frames, enhancing her natural beauty while providing lasting balance and comfort. A minimal approach to design in a fresh natural color.

Bevel is a NY designed eyewear brand that cherishes fine craftsmanship, sophisticated colors and a minimalist aesthetic. Manufactured by one of the few artisan factories remaining in Japan, the Bevel collection was born into existence in 1999 by two legendary Optical personalities in Richard Mewha, a Brit sales exec/designer based in New York city and Rick Nelson, the Missouri Optician, sales exec and sometimes farmer. As one of the very few USA based high end Optical companies, Bevel continues to forge it’s own path to success both here in the USA and internationally through it’s collection of bold and beautiful eyewear designs. Form, function and quality are the bedrock of of this stunning collection.

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