Götti Switzerland

Last Silmo, Sven Götti showed me his latest invention of technically and aesthetically advanced rimless glasses. With no screws, no glue and no soldering involved, the Perspective Collection by Götti Switzerland is radically minimalistic. They have reinvented and perfected rimless eyewear to the very last detail, which is a work of constructivist artistry. Get rimless!

Pure and linear: For those who strive toward the style principle of reduction, Götti glasses embody authenticity in everyday life. The collections cultivate simplicity in its most beautiful form; providing latitude for expression of a person’s individual character.

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Shooting: TEFdoesSAOPAOLO
Eyewear: Götti Switzerland
Model: Chantal Goldfinger of ByTheEyewear
Photographer: Ju Buosi

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