A blend of hand crafted techniques and innovative technology is unmistakable in every piece of Matsuda. Inspiration drawn from the art deco period, industrial metal work of the late 1800’s, and the details of gothic cathedrals are evident throughout each frame. I just love this model from their heritage collection with its detailed engravings and the unique vizor construction. True coolness!

Every one of their frames is painstakingly crafted by hand in the artisinal eyewear workshops of Japan. Each Matsuda creation represents over 45 years of design history and heritage. Only the finest materials, including celluloid acetate, titanium, sterling silver, 18K solid gold, and 22.5K gold plating are used in each creation.

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Shooting: TEFdoesSAOPAOLO
Eyewear: Matsuda
Model: Chantal Goldfinger of ByTheEyewear
Photographer: Ju Buosi

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