About the TEF Entourage

The TEF Entourage is a group of eyewear professionals that love REAL eyewear. Eyewear that is designed by people with a strong passion for design, who don’t just glue a logo on their frame, but want to create something from the heart, of superb quality that will last a lifetime. The eyewear influencers that we call “The TEF Entourage” are all eyewear professionals. Opticians, optical journalists or eyewear designers like myself. They write about great eyewear from their heart, with passion, and not because some big buck label pays them a ton of money to tell you these “Ray Ban’s” are the best thing you have ever seen. So without further ado, TEF Magazine is proud to present, our models; The TEF Entourage: 

TEF Magazine organizes two lifestyle shoots every month, promoting true independent eyewear brands that create their products with the same passion that we try to show it to you. Would your brand like to participate in one of these lifestyle eyewear shoots, reach out to us now at info@theeyewearforum.com

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